Friday, 26 August 2011

Dear reader....

My dad is coming to visit tomorrow. He's driving the many miles between his house and mine to arrive here about 11:30am, and he won't stay past about 3pm. He'll want to go for lunch, then coffee, then cake, so he'll only be in my house for a maximum of half an hour.

So, given this, why have I still spent all evening scrubbing the flat from top to bottom?

Because I have. I've scrubbed the tiles in the kitchen, a job which has only been done about once a year since we've been here, in case he decides to go and inspect the grout. I cleared all the out-of-date stuff out of the fridge, finding in the process a tub of Philadelpia which may well have been older than my son, since it was sprouting a virulent orange mould which made me squeal like a child. I only just stopped short of hoovering the boiler, and that was only because our airing cupboard is so small and full of junk that dear Daddy wouldn't be able to squeeze into it anyway.

It's not even like my dad is some sort of clean freak, either. He'll only be in the house for about half an hour in total between his need for large plates of various foodstuffs, and he'll hardly be clambering up shelves to inspect the light fittings for dust in that time. Because he's normal. (Unlike his only daughter, clearly.)

So why, every time my family turn up, does the place have to be spotless? I haven't got a clue. I generally exist in a state of contained chaos. In that, my house reflects my brain. I don't feel bothered about my friends seeing this, but the imminent arrival of my family awakens long-dormant cleaning instincts, and before I know it, I'm climbing on a chair to polish the light bulbs.

Is this normal?


  1. Claire I used to do the same for my parents, skirting boards, tops of doors, under sofas and behind beds! I'd polish everything I even cleaned windows (a thing I never ever do). And it was pointless because the first thing my mother used to say was 'aren't you well you look tired, you need to put some colour in cheeks, our Frances always looks ill' and go out into the garden to tidy, and my step dad was only interested in his grandchildren! wasted, all wasted...

  2. Claire just bought your book, you are a very busy girl, wow I am impressed. Also knitting...not my bag but I love knitted things I have an extreme weakness for them... up there with cake. I have an electic mix of rescued knitted objects and I'm always on the look out for more, there something so appealing and safe and comforting about them. I long for a knitted elephant - Elmer is my hero.

  3. I adored Elmer! and knitting and cake :)